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Double Trouble For The Watch Tower

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The Bible clearly states in 1 Corinthians 15:21 that death came into the world because of one man’s (Adam’s) sin and that by the death of another Man (Jesus) came the resurrection of the dead.

However, what does the Watchtower Society expect it’s followers to believe about these two facts?

…by Man also came the resurrection of the dead.”

This doctrine is denied by the Watch Tower Society, which teaches that the last Adam (Jesus) left his body in the tomb, later to be disposed of by his father.

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have an option regarding what to believe about the resurrection of Jesus.  Following the decisions of the Watch Tower Society is mandatory for them, hence they are obediently following a religion which stands apart from historic Christianity.

For since by man came death..”

Did Adam bring death into the world or was it already there?

Did Adam bring death into the world or was it there millions of years before?

This doctrine is also denied by the Watch Tower Society, as their book “Life – How Did It get Here? By Evolution Or By Creation?” (1995) reveals.

At first glance this second aberration may not seem as important as the first denial, but on closer examination it will be seen that BOTH of these teachings are essential to the Gospel.

The aforementioned Watch Tower book makes the common error of allowing death in the animal kingdom for millions of years prior to the fall of Adam.

But death is always linked to sin, and as Rom. 5:12 shows, sin did not enter the world UNTIL ADAM SINNED. See also Genesis 3:17,18 which tells us that NONE of creation was affected by death, disease decay, etc. until the disobedience of Adam.  All animals, including dinosaurs were herbivores prior to the fall (Gen. 1:30) so they did not go around killing and eating each other. The apostle Paul teaches us this at Romans 8:20-22.

Why is this or crucial importance?

Answer: Because if we allow the idea that death was in the world before the fall, it detaches the gospel from telling us why the last Adam (Jesus) came. The last Adam came to undo the disobedience of the first Adam, since it was the first man who brought ruin upon humanity.

It also challenges the statement the God pronounced everything as “very good” at the completion of all His created work.

In summary, why should we take any notice of a “gospel” that denies death got into the world because of Adam’s sin? The Watch Tower Society, which controls all beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, preaches this so-called gospel.

Death is our enemy, and God was not the source of it intruding into the world for supposed millions of years.

Allowing the Bible to speak to us without our compromised “millions of years” idea will give us great confidence in the accuracy of God’s Word and the power of the gospel it reveals.

This is not just a small matter. It is major doctrine at variance with orthodoxy.

Any teaching that knowingly affects the vital doctrine of the work of Jesus Christ is heresy.

Out of His great love for us, He became incarnate as the last Adam in order to abolish death which the first man brought upon us.

That the Watch Tower Society should spread its kind of teaching is unsurprising and blur’s the Bibles clear picture as to why we need a Saviour.

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