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I WOULD like to encourage you with an interesting encounter that I had recently and also ask for prayer. I am an assistant minister at a Pentecostal Church and regularly go out door knocking. I knocked at a door where I happened to know that the family there were connected with the Witnesses in some way.

The whole family were life long JWs, but had in recent years, become somewhat lapse in their faith. I have been to see them several times now and God is really at work. Adrian was an elder in the local kingdom hall. He had suffered a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide in the past. However, I believe that God was at work in his life, and that his suicide attempt was therefore unsuccessful.

He has even recently been praying to Jesus! But he says that he has not experienced anything from doing this so far. His wife is a driving instructor and recently Adrian asked me if I knew a certain Christian group that meet in an area not too far from me. She teaches three people from this group to drive. He said that his wife was impressed by their commitment to their faith and even went out to the pictures with them.

It turned out that I know this group. When I made contact with them  they said that they had been praying for this lady and her family for some time. Even more amazingly, one day I could not make it to Adrian’s  house and only had time to go on one of my visits to the hospital on a pastoral visit.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doors opened and sitting directly in front of me was Adrian!

He looked up, jaw dropped, and said “You won’t believe this, but I have just this minute been thinking about you. I looked up, and there you were!”

I think you will agree that it seems that the Lord is really at work in this family. Please pray for them Adrian and Karen Gill. Adrian’s father is called Roland. He is still an active elder in the kingdom hall. Because of the Christmas holiday period, I have not been round, but in the New Year I will be resuming my visits.

Well done on an excellent newsletter.

Yours in Christ,



THANK  you for your wonderful ideas and refreshing campaign! I am interested in learning more from your warning tracts. As a Christian and ex-Jehovah’s Witness, I want to be able to witness to those who come to my door. Unfortunately, I am intimidated, because I remember the never-ending training on how to combat any refutes!

Also, I am just getting strong enough  in my faith to see the Jehovah’s  Witnesses for the cult that they are. I am still in great need of strength! I am open for your suggesting to continue to grow in Christ.

Again thank you for your ministry. I will surely be lifting you in prayer!

By His grace alone,


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