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TO THE EDITOR:THANKS for the support group you have created. I was a JW for 28 years. I have been reading literature like Franz’s books etc. as a result of the internet.
As a result of my inquiring mind I was disfellowshipped not so long ago.
I am still unwinding and
going through withdrawals. However, I now “know” Christ and I have the spirit of God, and HIS word has come alive.
The scales have fallen from my eyes. In my heart I always knew something wasn’t right.
Keep doing what your doing. There are plenty of others who also have inquiring minds. I pray for them and love them unconditionally as Christ first loved us. Your Brother in Christ.

Keep in touch!
Robert Nabozny
Via Email.


THANK you for printing the testimony of my meetings with the family of JWs whom I have been in touch with (the Gill family).  (Concern Spring 1999)
I thought that you
would be interested in something else which happened, a part 2 to the story!
For about a month and a half now, I have had two JW ladies calling round. They just happened to be doing the doors in my area, and I was in at the time,
When they first knocked I invited them in and we had a
very light discussion (I am sure you have found that if you say too much too soon it tends to frighten them off!).
They have called on and off since. Unfortunately, however, most of the time they knock they miss
me, but leave me with the latest Watchtower magazines. But the last
time they caught me in something remarkable happened.
As we spoke, I mentioned that I was in touch with the Gill family, and knew Adrian especially well.
The most elderly lady of the two then said: “Adrian Gill…that’s my son!”
As I am sure you will agree, God seems to be continuing to move in this family.

Best wishes,
Vincent McCann
Via Email.

TO THE EDITOR:I’M from Swansea and am handling two JWs who have just completed our ALPHA Course!!
Both are very close to becoming Christians and I will be starting a study with them both in the new year working through some of the important issues with them.
It’s been a great time encouraged. I would value your opinion about the use of Franz’s second book in the light of his comments about the deity of Christ towards the end of you see a problem?

John Tancock,


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