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Millennial Dawn

“One grows weary of this everlasting attempt to fix chronologically the end of the age.”

But three years remain of our age. Once can readily perceive what enthusiasm the nearness of the end must arouse in the hearts of believers in Mr. Russell’s dates.  If but three years lie between us and the cosmical revolutions and convulsions which will shake the earth to its foundations, then why should Dawnists cling to their property and tightly grip their money? Soon it will not be needed wealth will be worthless and bonds have no market. It is no surprise, therefore, that Mr Russell’s followers pour a continuous stream into the Watch Tower treasury, nor that sermons can be printed in multitudes of newspapers all over the land, nor that great halls can be hired for lectures, nor that these volumes can be sold for 37 cents a copy.
At the final resurrection, which is simultaneous for all the dead save “the little flock”, the gospel will be preached to the unsaved and the great mass of mankind will accept it and be saved. (Vol. I, Study 6,8,9.) The preaching to the unsaved dead not at length raised up will last for one hundred years at least and it may continue throughout the entire day of Christ, I.e. during the Millennium (p.144). There are two world-wide judgements recorded in the bible, that of the nations, Matt. 25:31-46; and that of Rev. 20:11-15 – the judgement before the Great White Throne, and which seems to be confined exclusively to the dead, small and great. The two include the race except the saints who come not into judgement as to life and death (John. 5:24). In neither of these judgements is there a hint that opportunity will be had for those arrayed before these thrones to repent, believe, and be saved. On the contrary, their eternal destiny is fixed by the Almighty Judge. Note how all-embracing these two judgements are; the one includes  “all the nations”, the other “the dead, small and great”. None escape save those who have part in ” the first resurrection” (Rev. 20:4-6).
   In both cases external doom, irreparable and indescribable, falls upon the impenitent and ungodly who rejected Christ in this world and life.
Moreover, the judgement before the Great White Throne is expressly said to follow the thousand years: “But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished” (Rev 20:5). “The rest of the dead” include all who have no part in the first resurrection. Mr Russell labours vigorously to cast doubt on the genuineness of Rev. 20:5. He seeks to negate its witness, for it squarely contradicts his theory that all the dead who share not in the first resurrection will be raised at the beginning of the Thousand Years, and they will then be given the opportunity to repent and be saved. But as usual he is quite wrong. He stands alone in his rejection of the verse. Every critical Greek text from Griesbach to Nestle and Swate (1907) retains the words, nor does one of these scholars cherish the slightest suspicion of its integrity.

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