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Testimony: God on my Side - Bridget NossBible

The testimony of Bridgit Noss.

Hello, my name is Bridgit and I am 24 years old.
A year or so ago, I started dating a young man who was raised a Jehovah’s Witness.
I got to know his family, who took me in as if they were my own.
They were, however, deeply rooted in the JW’s ministry.
I was raised in a Baptist church, and had deep beliefs of my own. Because of my boyfriend, however, I decided to give in and go to a “Meeting” on a Sunday.
There I met many young and friendly JW’s, who seemed so interested in who I was and on getting me involved in their “truth” .
Eventually I decided to study it further, because everything they said seemed to be so “logical” and any questions I had to anything regarding the Bible they readily had answers for.
They set up a “study” for me, with a woman a little older than me, who came to my house twice a week to study with me , using Jehovah’s Witnesses literature and of course, the New World Translation.
I opted to use my own King James Version, which didn’t seem to bother her until we got down to the real sticky issues, such as the Trinity, and who Jesus was, etc. etc.
This is where I got really confused. Everything I believed in was in question, and they had 
such pre-programmed answers for any question I brought up, I felt shot down and started to question my own faith.
They said that Satan was the “Author of Confusion” and that if I was confused, it was because of my own previous beliefs, not because of the “truth” they were teaching me.
I prayed about it, asking God for guidance, and to please help me make sense of all this. I prayed and prayed and opened my Bible, and in that one sitting found scripture upon scripture that helped me in my quest to find the “truth” .
I felt as if the Holy Spirit was with me, and I was finally seeing the light. The next time I sat down with my JW study, she brought two elders with her, as she was having a hard time answering some of my tougher questions. I had my notes ready, my King James Bible in hand, and God on my side. I asked so many questions and had so much to say they didn’t know what to do!
They just kept repeating the same pre programmed answers. To this day, JW’s still come to my door, and occasionally, they still call me and send me tons of JW literature. My reason for sending this e mail is to tell you my story, and of course to find literature that can help me when they do come to my door, or to help other young people like me. Thank you very much.

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