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Ex-Jehovah’s Witness shares what Christmas is like from outside the Watchtower Society.

Jason Thickpenny speaks about Christmas from outside the Organisation.

Picture Copyright Channel 4

FORMER Jehovah’s Witness and now born again Christian Jason Thickpenny tells people what it is like to celebrate Christmas since leaving the Watchtower Society.

Jason who was a Jehovah’s Witness for 23 years now seeks to lead Jehovah’s Witnesses out of the Society and works with apologetics ministry UK Partnerships for Christ.

You can view the short video here which is due to be shown on UK television station Channel 4 today at 7.25pm.

Have a happy and blessed Christmas from all at First & Last Ministries.

Bethel workers celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus

Christmas in the Watch Tower.

We would like to wish all our visitors a happy and blessed Christmas.

We think especially of those who are maybe celebrating their first Christmas since leaving the yoke of the Watch Tower Society. If that is you, please let us know.

We also think of those who are still trapped inside the Watch Tower and pray that the Lord will open their eyes to his glorious Grace.

If a Jehovah’s Witness wonders why the Bethel workers pictured above were enjoying Christmas, then they might want to check out the PDF below which shows actual copies of Watchtower articles explaining why it was okay for them to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

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Christmas Watchtowers

Christmas – To celebrate or not?

Decorated tree / CC BY-SA

AT this time of year Jehovah’s Witnesses busy knocking on your door will likely bring up the subject of whether we should celebrate Christmas or not.

If you know anything about the JWs you will be aware that they are forbidden to celebrate the day at the threat of disfellowshipping.

But has this stance always been the case? Our article on Christmas will answer this. For more details click here

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