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The Jehovah’s Witnesses Class Struggle

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All Jehovah’s Witnesses know that a central Watchtower tenet is the idea that Scripture teaches that there is an elite class of believers (the 144,000), and a much larger class (the Great Crowd).

Originally all JWs belonged to the first tier (144,000), but as numbers swelled to way beyond that, the doctrine of two separate classes was developed.

Due to the march of time there are very few Witnesses who would claim to be of the anointed class (the 144,000). Nearly all have died out.

If the Watchtower Society insists on a literal interpretation of Revelation 14:1-4, we have some interesting questions to put to the Society.

  1. Is every member of the 144,000 a MALE and a VIRGIN?
  2. Does any member of the Great Crowd know any remaining members of the Anointed Class?
  3. If so, ask them: “Can you sing a few bars to the new song that was exclusively disclosed to you?”
  4. You could read REV. 7: 4-8 with your Anointed friend, and ask him which tribe he belongs to?
  5. You may also feel it pertinent to ask him how he knows he can claim to be born again, while you cannot?

If you sense (perhaps for the first time) that something is wrong with this arrangement the Watchtower has put to you, it is time to lay aside EVERY MAN MADE IDEA on how to get right with God, and trust THE BIBLE ONLY, to show you how to be saved.

Are you brave enough to do this?

Only you can give that answer.

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