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Taxing Time for Watch Tower

New York Times Advert

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AS the Watch Tower Society begins another long, drawn out, battle against the French tax authorities, we must ask ourselves why the society is, once again, not following the Bible.Did not our Lord Jesus Christ instruct people, who pay taxes, to “pay back therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar.” Matt 22:21 NWT.On page 1070 of the Watch Tower book “Insight on the Scriptures” under the heading of taxes, the society has this to say: “However, both Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul showed that it was proper to pay taxes to “Caesar,” or “the superior authorities.”On page 1045 of the same book, under the heading “superior authorities” it describes them as: “…an expression at Romans 13:1 designating human governmental authorities.”

The same section continues: “Since the governmental authorities render valuable services to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of their subjects, they are entitled to taxes and tribute in compensation for their services.”

Once more the Watch Tower Society proves that it doesn’t follow the same rules that it preaches.


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