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Babylon The Great is Falling

WITH the news that the number of JWs in Britain has fallen yet again, Philip Mawson looks at the excuses given by the Watch Tower Society.

AS one reads the two study articles that accompany the 1997 statistics published in the January 1st, 1998 issue of the Watchtower magazine, it becomes obvious that the Governing Body is concerned about the various currents within the organisation, which are responsible for the general downward trend and negative figures etc.

   But, in all this, the rank and file JW is urged to “strive to rejoice and cultivate a joyful spirit (p.6). How sick this is for us to read.

   The JW needs to hear the Good News that joy is a fruit of the Spirit, you can’t “strive for it”, “work it up” or manufacture it. You either have it or you don’t (Gal 5:22).

   Finally, as one ploughs through the despondent reading material, “forces” said to be responsible for the prevalent “spirit” within the organisation are as follows:

  1. Satan (p.6)
  2. The World (pp.7,8)
  3. Disillusioned or tired of waiting for Armageddon. (p.9)
  4. Apostates (pp.10,11)
  5. Personality problems (p.11)
  6. Entertainment and leisure (p.11)
  7. Vicious, false propaganda and legal action (p.14) (No examples of this are given. The reader is left in the dark again!)

   We praise God for all those JWs who have come to Christ over the past year. Let’s be encouraged to witness and expose the WTS over the next year, and see an even greater decrease in those Watchtower figures.

   Oh, I nearly forgot. The so called “anointed” figure has increased by 38!


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