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New World Diary of Theo Cratz - Part 1

DAY 1 

Once we figured out that we were alive and that everyone else was dead, we danced and celebrated for a while, but the Elders soon put a stop to that. They explained that this behavior was inappropriate, and one even suggested that t it might stumble someone, until it was pointed out that there was no one left alive to stumble. Still, we wanted to do what the Elders said, so that we were in full obedience to the new system. We knew that all of eternity lay before us, and that it this Earth was ours at last.

DAY 2 

We noticed that a few people from the congregation did not show up as expected, so we assume that they were secret sinners, and got killed as they should have. One brother did show up the second day because he spent the first day checking on his family, and I felt kind of funny about speculating about why he got killed when it turned out he didn’t after all. 

The Elders from the congregation have been in big meeting all day, and said they would let us know what was going on when they were finished. We kept busy looking around through the rich people’s houses up on Oak Hill, and driving around in their expensive cars. I found the house of a rich person who must have been about my size, so I took some of his clothes to wear until we could get down to the mall and do some serious ‘shopping’ This guy had a big swing set in his back yard, and the house was full of toys, so I guess he had a bunch of kids. If he really loved his kids, he would have taken them to the Kingdom Hall, and they would be alive now, instead of dead like they deserved.

After their meeting, the elders announced that we should begin immediately to purge what remained of the old world and its influences, and told us to organize a committee to go from building to building and destroy any bad influences, especially the music and books from the old system. There was so much to destroy that we though it best simply to burn all the libraries, shopping centers, and warehouses. I was assigned to the team that burned the City Center Mall and the main branch of the library that night. It was fun at first, but it became work after a while, especially at the library where we had to pile up the books so they would all burn. We joined hands and sang Kingdom Songs around the book fires, giving thanks for what had been given to us.

DAY 3 

We set up an old college dormitory to stay in so we could all be together until we get things sorted out. Women stayed at one side of the building, men at the other, and married couples in between. The married couples took turns standing watch at night. It took us a while to clean the place up, and get rid of all the filthy art and worldly books that seemed to be everywhere. After we sprayed all the walls with a nice coat of ivory paint, it looked very pretty.

DAY 5 

More Elder meetings. They asked us to turn in our Bibles for now, since it was written for the old system, and that we could expect a new guidebook to be provided soon. 


The generators ran out of gas today, so a few of us set out to find some place where we could get more fuel. It was harder than I thought it would be to find any, because none of the gas pumps at the stations would work without electricity, and we didn’t have electricity without the generators running. My friend Tony decided that the best way to get gas way to bash a hole in the side of one of those big tanks down by the waterfront, and catch as much gas as we needed in a bucket. The first tank we opened had diesel or something in it, so we just let that drain off into the water until somebody can get down there and patch it up. We are sure Jehovah has some system in place for cleaning up the water, so we don’t have to worry about pollution any more

The elders had to give some sister from the Women’s Complex a caning after her floor leader reported that she questioned the new dress regulations. Jehovah’s mercy must never be taken for granted, we told her, and she seemed to take her punishment in the proper spirit.

Another brother was caned for eating some burgers he found in a working freezer. He thought they would go bad anyway, but that’s not the point; we must obey the new dietary regulations if we are to prosper in this new system.

More next issue


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