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Immorality and the Dance Called the TwistChubby Checker the Twist Front Cover

IN an attempt to control the lives of its members the Watch Tower Society will go to extraordinary lengths to make seemingly innocuous activities out to be an affront to God.

   One way the society does this is by deeming the activity pagan i.e.. Christmas, Easter and birthdays.

But, just when you thought the Watch Tower Society had learnt to be sensible, along comes another example of madness.

For in the Watch Tower magazine of February 15th, 1969, on page 113 of the bound volume, it says;

“For example, when dances like the “twist” and all its later developments are introduced, the young accept them eagerly and without question, while their parents raise their eyebrows or smile indulgently for a while and then take them up with almost equal fervour, ostensibly in order to project the youthful image themselves. What they fail to realise is that such dances have their origin in pagan fertility dances that were performed in times past as a part of immoral religious rites…”

This is a classic example of what happens when a religion assumes too much authority or claims that it has some type of appointment from God?

What about the dance called the “Charleston” from the 1920s era, I suppose that it’s origins are also from pagan fertility dances, because of the immorality that prevailed at that time period?.

While Jehovah’s Witnesses may vehemently defend the writings of the society in this case, First and Last Ministries can exclusively reveal that JWs all over the world are guilty of practising pagan customs.

The information we have received from the Daily Mail newspaper of November 10th, 1997, reveals that any JW who has eaten a Baked Bean has taken part in a pagan festival.

In a regular question and answer section of the paper the following question is asked: What type of bean is used to produce tinned baked beans?

While the expert from H.J. Heinz replies that the bean is of the haricot variety, they also reveal some more information about these innocent looking food items.

“The first record of this type of bean comes from the Middle East in about 7,000BC. The ancient Greeks had a God of Beans and held ‘bean feasts’ in honour of Apollo, their Sun God.” 

So there you have it, by the Watch Tower Society’s own warped reasoning, Jehovah’s Witnesses should stop eating baked beans immediately or face God’s wrath.


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