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Hitler and the Watch Tower SocietyTHE Jehovah’s Witnesses are proud of their war-record, and are today writing articles about how they were the only church resisting Hitler and his Nazi government.

They are proud of being represented in the Holocaust Museum, and claim that “nearly” 10,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses were murdered by Hitler in the concentration camps.

The fact is, they can’t be trusted. To say it bluntly, they are flat out lying regarding this.

According to their own Yearbook 1974 there were 203 JW’s that were executed. Nothing more, nothing less.

What they do not say, is that the Watchtower leaders tried to compromise with Hitler, and supported him in most issues. Even his Jew-policy.

They sent him letters, made Declarations of Facts, etc. Read the following for yourself, from the 1934 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and make up your mind. Is this a record of integrity to be proud of?

german flag

Page 134: “The greatest and the most oppressive empire on earth is the Anglo-American empire. By that is meant the British Empire, of which the United States of America forms a part. It has been the commercial Jews of the British-American empire that have built up and carried on Big Business as a means of exploiting and oppressing the peoples of many nations.

This fact particularly applies to the cities of London and New York, the stronghold of Big Business. This fact is so manifest in America that there is a proverb concerning the city of New York which says: The Jews own it, the Irish Catholics rule it, and the Americans pay the bills.”

german flag

Page 135: “The present government of Germany has declared emphatically against Big Business oppressors and in opposition to the wrongful religious influence in the political affairs of the nations. Such is exactly our position:”

german flag

Page 136: “Instead of being against the principles advocated by the government of Germany, we stand squarely for such principles, and point out that Jehovah God through Christ Jesus will bring about the full realisation of these principles and will give to the people peace and prosperity and the greatest desire of every honest heart.”

german flag

Page 137: “A careful examination of our books and literature will disclose the fact that the very high ideals held and promulgated by the present national government are set forth in and endorsed and strongly emphasised in our publications and show that Jehovah God will see to it that these high ideals in due time will be attained by all persons who love righteousness . . . .

german flag

Page 138: “Let us remind the government and the people of Germany, that it was the League of Nations compact that laid upon the shoulders of the German people the great unjust and unbearable burdens. That the League of Nations compact was not brought forth by the friends of Germany.”

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