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My Testimony: Healing Love - Simon Woodvine
The testimony of Simon Woodvine
I WAS brought up in a very confused home. However it was also a very loving home.My step-father was an extremely staunch Irish Catholic, and my mother was and still is one of the countries leading clairvoyants/mediums.

When I was ten years of age, I became more and more fascinated in my mother’s line of work, and so I gave up being an alter boy to read Tarot cards, crystal balls and palms, It was like a big adventure to me being able to read people’s fortunes.

At the age of sixteen my parents moved to a lovely little village called Sabden at the foot of Pendle Hill which is renowned for its history of the Pendle Witches. Shortly following our move my mother featured in many magazines, newspapers and books, and her reputation had grown significantly

Praying Hands
She was known as the white witch of Pendle. I myself opened a bookshop and psychic centre. I then went on to study parapsychology at diploma level, I travelled throughout Britain giving lectures on various occult practices.

My involvement within the occult has caused me a great deal of personal heartache in my life, from depression and broken relationships, to even a suicide attempt. However in 1990 I was shown the healing love that Jesus Christ offers. He came into my life at a very difficult period, and he has guided me ever since.

I was ordained two years ago as a non-denominational minister, and since then our lord has taken me on to serve him in many various ways. In February 1997 I established the Blackpool healing mission which is an ecumenical ministry offering Christian healing and advice to people in need of spiritual comfort.

My mission was conceived through prayer which continues to be the foundation of the work. Through my involvement in the occult and my diligent research of religious cults, part of my work includes presenting lectures on their many hidden dangers.


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