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Magnifying GlassWhat JWs Believe

Prophecies Part 1

WHETHER it likes it or not, the Watch Tower Society is in fact mentioned in Scripture – be it indirectly.
    Jesus foretold that in the last days “many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many.”
For much of its existence, the Watch Tower Society’s members have been believing in false prophecies.
Undoubtedly, many, if not all, JWs would deny that the Watch Tower Society is guilty of false prophesying.
Thus Saith the Lord
So, instead, we let the Watch Tower speak for itself and will let you decide.   The first charge against the Society is whether or not it has actually described itself as God’s prophet.
In the Awake! magazine of March 22, 1993 the Society admits that in its eagerness for Jesus second coming, it has suggested dates that turned out to be incorrect, but never in these instances, have they said they were the words of Jehovah. The Society also says that it does not have the gift of prophecy.

   But is this true? Once again the answer must be a resounding No.
The Watchtower of January 15th, 1959, on pages 40 and 41 said this;

Whom has God actually used as his prophet?…..Jehovah’s witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them.”

Just to get our point across in a later edition of the Watchtower (April 1, 1972) it asks;

Does Jehovah have a prophet?…Who is this prophet? This prophet was not one man, but was a body of men and women…Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses.”

Now we have established that the Watch Tower Society has called itself a prophet, let us look at a few of its past predictions.

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