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Witnesses see dramatic decrease in numbers in South Africa.

THE number of Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Africa has been slashed thanks to the witness of one man.

   Colin Meano, married to a JW and now, after seven years of “living hell” is going through a divorce, started off by showing one black JW the false prophecies, other lies and the deceptive methods of the Watch Tower Society.

This black man (Lucas) then started talking to other black JWs who all left and they in turn really spread the news.

The combined effect of all their efforts is as follows, in various black and other towns:


  • Kagiso Township – 460 JWs left – Kingdom Hall closed down.
  • Beckersdal Township – 385 JWs left – Kingdom Hall closed down.
  • Fochville Town – 285 JWs left.
  • Ventersdorp Town – 385 JWs left.
  • Potchefstroom Township – 125 JWs left.

Total JWs leaving WTS in about three months = 1640.

The Watch Tower was so concerned about this that they sent an official to speak with Colin, requesting him to stop what he was doing. Needless to say he said that he could not, and if the WTS feels it has the truth then it should not be worried or have a need for a request of this nature.

Now Colin is planning a meeting with all the ex-JWs to discuss things with them and bring them the true Gospel of our Lord and God Jesus Christ.

Please pray for this effort. Incorporate these needs in your prayers of praise, petition and thanks!

   Information received from the Cult Information and Evangelization Centre – a counter cult ministry in South Africa.

The Numbers Calling Keep On Falling.


THE number of Jehovah’s Witnesses carrying out door to door work in Britain has decreased during 1997.

   According to figures, printed in the January 1st, 1998 issue of the Watchtower, there were 123,318 Witnesses at the end of December.

This was compared to 124,623 the previous year, a drop of 1,305.

But, in the United States, the number of Witnesses increased by 8,348 to 929,471.

For more information on the falling number of Witnesses Click here.

Watch Tower Opens its Doors.

THE Watch Tower Society let TV cameras into a Kingdom Hall, for the first time in November.

   It was part of a Channel 4 programme, called Cutting Edge, which showed life inside the cult.

Ex-JW Convention Announced.

LIBERTY Outreach has announced it is to organise a Witnesses Now for Jesus convention in the London area.

   The three-day event will be held at High Leigh Conference Centre, in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, on Friday April 3rd – Sunday, April 5th 1998

For more details contact Liberty Outreach on 0181-896 2654.


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