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open doorOn The Doors

AFTER many years of witnessing to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, here is a useful piece of information which aims to cut through all the ice and really gets to the heart of the matter and confronts them with “who Jesus really is“.You can use this either at the start when you first meet them or after you have been on the Watchtower theological roundabout.The Witnesses want to do two things:1. Help you, and 2. Answer your questions.So then, here goes – “knock, knock”After preliminary introductions (C=Christian, J=Jehovah’s Witness)C. Can you help me? (This is the key to the JW computer answering system) I have an important question I would like you to answer. (Now you have their full attention.)C. Is Jehovah the only true God?  J. Yes he is. C. (This is the important question) Is Jesus a true God or a false God. (Get them to answer only true or false, you do not want any other answer).They will try to give you some other answers. Here are some of them.

 He is a mighty God but not almighty God

 He is a divine person

 He has divine qualities

 He is known as Michael the archangel

 There are gods many and lords manyWhatever the answer they try to give, other than true or false, do not accept. Insist they answer. Here is why.If they answer true then they have and believe in TWO TRUE GODS. If they answer false then they have a FALSE GOD who was created and is seated at the right hand of Jehovah in Heaven. Either Jesus is a true God or he is not. You cannot have it both ways. In doing this you are not getting bogged down in the twisting of scripture as they do. You do not have to defend the trinity doctrine. You do not have to argue with them. Most importantly you are confronting them with who they really believe Jesus is.You will have put the spanner in the Watch Tower computer programmed answering system. They will not have been able to help you or answer your question.As they try to skirt around the subject by attacking the trinity doctrine, agree to discuss it with them starting with Jehovah is God. Then deal with Jesus Is he a true God or not? You will not get past this point to even discuss the Holy Spirit.

But all the time you can be praying that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes. As they go away frustrated, pray that this will play on their minds until they come to the true knowledge of Jesus and that he will become their personal saviour.

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