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Why First & Last Ministries?

THE name, First & Last Ministries was chosen after much thought because, being involved in apologetics, we felt it should reflect our basic stand on a vital issue.

   While there are quite a lot of heresies found in the theology of the Watch Tower Society, the error upon which all their teachings are resting is in a denial of the deity of Jesus Christ.

The true and living God is known as the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Scripture reveals clearly that these titles (belonging exclusively to the God of the Bible) are owned by Jesus.

We do not have a merely negative emphasis i.e. refutation of Watchtower teachings, but a positive approach, with a message that JWs can find forgiveness and peace with God through Christ.

It is through the GOSPEL that Jehovah’s Witnesses come to a realisation of who Jesus really is and what he has accomplished by his sacrificial death.

As well as with our tracts, we suspect that this Web-site will be read by quite a few Jehovah’s Witnesses. As they become more acquainted with our work, the name we have chosen may become more meaningful and challenging to them.

Les Kerr,

Founder, First & Last Ministries.

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