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TO THE EDITORAS a street evangelist, carrying a ten-foot cross around with me, I tend to attract the attention of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

When any outreach work is being done it can cause quite a stir in the town centre, especially when the JWs are cleaning windows.

The stir is quiet now, as you can’t beat being able to back up what you’re saying in black and white, from the Bible.

The Aware! info tracts have subdued the JWs in our area’s of evangelism and has made a pathway for me to spread the good news without too much harassment from the JWs, apart from maybe the odd glare.

Because of the opposition I have received from these people I have always tried to remember the scriptures which will best test their belief. 1 Cor. 11:26 – How do JWs explain the Lord’s supper, for if we look at this scripture it tells them to celebrate it “until he comes” – NIV or “until he arrives.” – NWT. So why are they celebrating it if they say he has arrived?

Hebrews 8:11 – points out that each and every one of us has a personal relationship with God, not a personal relationship with a bible aid. (Reasoning Through the Scriptures).

The teachings of anyone who claims to be the way to God through a prophet is false, it is within us all to have a direct relationship with God, through Christ.

“The Law of any kind of prophet was until John” – Luke 16: 16.

I hope these scriptures are interesting to your readers and helps to communicate with the lost JWs.

God Bless you’

C B,

St. Austell, Cornwall.

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HOW can I get tracts.My nephew is marrying a Jehovah’s Witness who is about to be “disfellowshipped” and I would like help in obtaining information that will help us as a family to reach out to her at this critical time.

I don’t feel he has any business marrying her because she is not a believer, but nevertheless, it is happening and so now I can only pray and try to become equipped.

Please, what help can you offer in the form of literature and how can I obtain it? Thanks for your help and for your ministry.

M R.,

Via e-mail.

TO THE EDITORI AM a former JW with family members who still are active in the Watchtower Society.

I would be interested in whatever help is available to reach out to my family who, as you know, will not receive any communication from me.

They will not even listen to anyone they know was sent by me.

Do you have or know of any outreach that can help my family?

My husband and I left JWs in 1981 when we accepted Christ as our personal saviour. 

Since then, I have only seen my family on three occasions — the deaths of my sister, my father (who was not a JW), and my mother. 

Although I was “allowed” to attend the memorial services for my family members, for the most part, they would not speak to me other than to say hello. It is very difficult to tell my two children about their family — who I remember as being very loving, when they do not see this love being demonstrated.

I have requested a copy of your newsletter, but whatever other information you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.



Via e-mail.



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