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Spring 1998

LIARS PROOF - society lied to court.

THE Watch Tower Society has shown it cares nothing for the truth after it perjured itself before the European Commission on Human Rights.


   The commission, which operates under the authority of the World Court, received a false and misleading application from the Watch Tower Society regarding the government of Bulgaria’s decision not to grant it legal recognition.

In a press release issued by the commission, it soon becomes clear, to anyone familiar with the Watch Tower Society, that its officials have lied. Here is one key paragraph regarding children and the blood issue:

“As regards the alleged involvement of children the applicant association submits that children cannot become members of the association but only participate, together with their parents, in the religious activities of the community. In respect of the refusal of blood transfusion, the applicant association submits that there are no religious sanctions


for a Jehovah’s Witness who chooses to accept blood transfusion and that, therefore, the fact that the religious doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses is against blood transfusion cannot amount to a threat to “public health”. Emphasis ours.    It is not unheard of for children to be baptised, and to become members of the association before reaching the age of ten.

As for a Witness who accepts one of the banned blood products, or a whole blood transfusion, the society’s position has been quite clear.    “…the receiver of a blood transfusion must be cut off from God’s people by excommunication or disfellowshiping…if in the future he persists in accepting blood transfusions … he must be cut off therefrom by disfellowshiping.” – The Watchtower 15/1/1961 pp. 63, 64 .


More information and the full report from the commission can be found at:


Click HERE to discover how the Watch Tower Society justifies lying.


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