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Dear Reader,

THE news that the Watch Tower Society lied in court is just one example of how corrupt the leaders of this deadly organisation are.

And, indeed, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has taken the time to study its chequered history.

In its time, “God’s” organisation has been busily covering up the past mistakes of its leaders, re-writing its embarrassing history and foisting upon its followers false doctrine after false doctrine.

But the fact that the society feels it can flout the law is worrying.

How far will the society go to ensure that it gets its own way?

We particularly think of child custody cases and snatching children and members from hospitals to avoid them having blood transfusions.

How many courts have been duped into believing this is just another harmless group?

Now we have the news that the group of ‘reformers’ in the USA are looking to take the society to court over its blood transfusion policy.

Here at First & Last Ministries we wish the ‘reformers’ well, but we are not surprised that they are having to take this course of action.

The group quotes from the Watchtower magazine of December 15th, 1952, as support of its action. Here the society changed its views on vaccinations because of fear of legal action against it.

But the society of 1998 is a changed animal. Back in 1952, under the leadership of “plodding” Nathan Homer Knorr, the society was still developing. Its influence, although strong, was nothing compared to today.

Legal gurus and advisors surround the governing body and their message to these ageing men is to stick to its guns or face ruin.

The society has much to lose if it admits it was wrong on such an emotive doctrine.

No, the society will have to be dragged into a legal battle before it will change its colours.

And, as we have so far seen, what does the society have to fear from a court when it can quite simply lie to get a result?

Les Kerr & Bill Bacon,

First & Last Ministries.

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