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The Watch Tower’s Time Frame of Creation

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The Watchtower Society robustly avoids giving its followers any idea that it believes in evolution, and maintains that it adheres to the Genesis account of creation.

However, a closer look at its stand on this important issue reveals that it is heavily influenced by extra-biblical ideas regarding the age of the earth and the origin of death.

Quotations are taken from the Watchtower book “Life- How Did It Get Here? By Evolution Or By Creation?” (Published in 1985).
The first part of Genesis indicates that the earth could have existed for billions of years before the first Genesis “day”, though it does not say for how long” (Page 26)
….the creative process continued throughout a period of, not just 144 hours (6 x 24), but over many millenniums of time” (Page 34).
Of course the sun and moon were in outer space long before this first “day”, but their light did not reach the surface of the earth for an observer to see” (Page 27).

Where do these ideas come from? Certainly not from reading the Bible.
Exodus 20:11; 31:17 tells us God took six days (not billions of years) to make EVERYTHING.
That obviously includes the heavens, space, angels, planets, stars, comets etc. (Genesis 2:1; Psalms 146:6; Acts 4:24; 14:15).
How did death get into the world? Through sin (Romans 5:12). Not so, says the Watchtower book (Page 71).
Fossils give tangible evidence of the varieties of life that existed long before man’s arrival” (Page 71).
Could animals have died before man was created? Read the answer for yourself at Genesis 1:31. Or would you rather believe that statement on page 71?
With this hopelessly compromised position the Watchtower is in, we ask Jehovah’s Witnesses: WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE YOUR GOSPEL?
One passage alone (Luke 11:50) is enough to show that “millions of years” will not fit into the Bible.
The Prophets cannot be millions of years old, therefore the world cannot be millions of years old!
Witnesses should also look at the genealogy at Luke 3:23-38. It is obvious that you cannot fit millions of years between any of those verses.
Are you going to try to squeeze them in between verse 38 and Luke 4:1?
Those nice pictures on pages 237 and 243 are hiding something aren’t they?
Because if death didn’t really get into the world because of Adam’s sin, but had been occurring for millions of years in the animal kingdom (remember page 71?) there will be a fossil graveyard under that nice green grass.
Fossils, due not to the fall of man,  but to animals living and dying “long before man’s arrival.”
Such a defective viewpoint about the Watchtower’s view of creation and the origin of death will not allow us to take 1 Corinthians 15:21 seriously.


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